· FRACTINT HOME-PAGE: A basic site where you can download and get informations about programs such as Winfract and Fractint.

· » FRACTAL MAP SELECTOR: A new FREEWARE program developed by me. Would you like to help me correct my english mistakes, please?

· A Gradient Tutorial: Fractal ViZion and Ultra Fractal Gradient Tutorial.

· Fractal Gallery by Ken Keller

· Fractales sur serveur Web Universite Bordeaux I: Fractal album by J.P. Louvet. Historical and basic theoretical information about fractals ; numerous links to other sites; more than 250 personal images.

· Fractal Art / Arte Frattale: wonderful fractal images created by Massimiliano Andreozzi. It’s a really nice fractal image gallery.

· Third Apex To Fractovia: this site linked us, :) Thank you very much.

· Digital Art Gallery by Mimmo Nandile: he used AMG free program, thank

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